Discover collections, choose unique HelenaDia jewelry for any occasion.

Harmony Collection

This collection is composed out of unique picies of jewelry which are sophisticated, gentle and elegant. Be decent, elegant and stylish. With this jewelry be in harmony with the world around you. Give a finishing touch to your look with supreme elegancy, and you will fascinate the world around you.

Limited Edition Collection

With jewelry within this collection, you will be special and unique, winkle out smiles, be a diva, be a shiny diamond underneath bright lights. The jewelry is manufactured in limited series, out of thoroughly selected crystals and glass beds. The collection is linked to unique design, glamor and brightness.

Chic Collection

HelenaDia jewelry for unforgettable moments and night outs. Be trendy, join the unjoinable, simply be chic. Let the night belong to you. The jewelry from this collection is linked to unique design, plenty of colors, shapes and fantastic details

Sunrise Collection

When you wish to look casual, sexy, seductive, mystic, select something from HelenaDia Sunrise collection. The jewelry from this collection could be combined with all dress combinations. Everyone will know that you are trendy, fulfilled, business women

Wedding Collection

The jewelry within this collection will perfectly match with your wedding gown. Choose a detail which will complete your look that beautiful day. You will leave a sensation of glamor and luxury but your nature look will be dominant.